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Cadbury, A. (1995) The Company Chairman (2nd ed.)
Hemel Hempstead: Director Publishing, ISBN: 978-0134341507
Synopsis: A practical guide by Sir Adrian Cadbury to the role of the Chairman in representing their companies and in relation to the Chief Executive, chairing board meetings, and assessing the board's performance. The book also examines companies' social responsibilities and comparisons are made with the prevailing corporate governance cultures in Europe and the USA.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.C32 1995)

Scott, J. (1997) Corporate Business and Capitalist Classes (3rd ed.)
New York: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 978-0198280750
Synopsis: A wide-ranging study of corporate governance and ownership, particularly the expanding power and significance of multinational companies and the contradictions arising from the separation of share ownership from ownership of business assets.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.S46)

Ward, R. (1997) 21st Century Corporate Board
New York: Wiley, ISBN: 978-0471156796
Synopsis: An examination of evolving trends in corporate governance, including the professionalisation of directorships, the pros and cons of directors owning stock and the pressures of compliance with stock exchange regulations.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.W37)

Kendall, N. & Kendall, A. (1998) Real-World Corporate Governance
London: Pitman, ISBN: 978-0273628262
Synopsis: A practical blueprint aimed at managers and business leaders, providing a framework for the implementation of corporate governance principles with an emphasis on active and performance-driven business management.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.46)

Wilson, I. (2000) The New Rules of Corporate Conduct
Westport, CT: Quorum Books, ISBN: 978-1567202496
Synopsis: A summary of the unwritten rules imposed on corporate performance by changing values and expectations, and an argument that social responsibility must form a central component of corporate strategy.

Gugler, K. (ed.) (2001) Corporate Governance and Economic Performance
Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 978-0199245703
Synopsis: Another international perspective on the issue, taking in countries beyond the traditional areas covered by similar treatments, and examining the relationship between corporate performance and share ownership. "A mine of good information and sound advice which deserves to be well-quarried." - Sir Adrian Cadbury

Cadbury, A. (2002) Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View
Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN: 978-0199252008
Synopsis: Ten years on from the Cadbury Report, Adrian Cadbury revisits the central questions of corporate governance, offers practical advice to chairmen and directors on their responsibilities, and considers the possibilities afforded by electronic voting on shareholders' voices in company management.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2741.C32 C6)

Banks, E. (2004) Corporate Governance: Financial Reponsibility, Controls and Ethics
Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN: 978-1403916686
Synopsis: An international analysis of corporate governance and investor confidence, including internal and external mechanisms, instances of flawed governance, and case studies exploring practical problems arising from the issues.
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.B36)

Carver, J. (2006) Boards That Make a Difference
San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, ISBN: 978-0787976163
Synopsis: A practical guide to empowering boards and their staff by the author of one of the world's foremost Policy Governance models. "A significant advance in management thinking, as near a universal theory of governance as we at present have." - Sir Adrian Cadbury
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.C37 2006)

Thevenoz, L. & Bahar, R. (2006) Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Governance and Financial Markets
London: Kluwer Law International, ISBN: 978-9041125781
Synopsis: The results of a two-year study involving academics and professionals from the fields of law and finance, this book probes the numerous conflicts of interest, of loyalty and disclosure, and of performance and regulation, that lie at the heart of corporate governance, specifically in the areas of remuneration, financial analysis, and asset management.

Mitchell, L.E. (2008) The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed over Industry
San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler, ISBN: 978-1576756287
Synopsis: An historical overview of the rise of the giant American corporation and the growth of managerial (and shareholder) obsession with stock value to the detriment of a company's long-term prospects.

Monks, R.A.G. & Minow, N. (2008) Corporate Governance (4th ed.)
Chichester: Wiley, ISBN: 978-1405171069
Synopsis: An authoritative textbook on the subject of corporate governance, illustrated throughout with contemporary case studies. "Essential reading for corporate governance scholars and practitioners alike." - Simon Deakin, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Available in the Cambridge Judge Business School Business Information Centre (HD2745.M66 2008)

Thankom, G. & Turner, J. (eds.) (2009) Corporate Governance and Development: Reform, Financial Systems and Legal Framework
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, ISBN: 978-1848444201
Synopsis: A multi-disciplinary examination of the intersections between corporate governance, legal regulation and the financial system, with a view toward improving capital flows to and within developing countries.

Journal articles

Dwi, M. & Saputra, Y. (2009) "The impact of corporate governance to the economic value added listed company in BEI 2003-2004."
China-USA Business Review, 8(3): 26-40
Available via the Business Source Complete database

Masulis, R. & Randall, S. (2009) "Does private equity create wealth? The effects of private equity and derivatives on corporate governance."
University of Chicago Law Review, 76(1): 219-259
Available via the Business Source Complete database

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Journal of Global Business & Technology, 5(1): 42-55
Available via the Business Source Complete database

Walter, J. & Shilling, H. (2009) "UK corporate governance: a radical shift in the landscape?"
Corporate Governance Adviser, 17(5): 25-28
Available via the Business Source Complete database

Weismann, M. (2009) "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: the failure of the self-regulatory model of corporate governance in the global business environment."
Journal of Business Ethics, 88(4): 615-661
Available via the Business Source Complete database

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School consists of papers compiled and preserved by Sir Adrian Cadbury from his time as Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.

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