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22 items listed, ordered by date.  

1. Press comment 1991-1994.

Extensive collection of press cuttings.

2. Handwritten notes of Sir Adrian Cadbury arranged by topic and source of comment, no date.

Includes coments from CBI, KPMG, IoD, CBI Committee, ICAS, and individuals. Main headings are remuneration, independent audit, information to be included in reports.

3. Comments from VW Benjamin, undated.

Comments on the absence of input from business, executive remuneration, separation of roles, application of the code to smaller listed companies and various aspects of auditing. Also includes comments on specific paragraphs.

4. Manuscript notes by Sir Adrian Cadbury on back of photocopies of articles.

Handwritten notes about priorities, auditing, legislation, regulation, independence etc

5. The code of best practice, undated.

This would seem to be a print-out of a presentation on the code of best practice on the report of the Committee.

6. Handwritten notes entitled: Issues raised at PW [Price Waterhouse] debate, undated

Covers two-tier boards, audit committees, independence of non-executive directors.

8. Standards of financial reporting and auditing, undated.

Document concentrates on auditing and accounting standards.

9. Sir Adrian Cadbury's handwritten notes on 'communications with City, responsibilities and auditors.

Handwritten notes from probably 3 different meetings or situations as three different papers, covering most topics of the Committee's investigations.

10. Handwritten notes, headed Alan Sykes, Consolidated Goldfields, no date.

Covers non-executive directors and external auditing.

11. Handwritten notes by Sir Adrian Cadbury, undated. Two pages are paper headed Savoy London, Banquesting - private rooms.

The notes cover institutional investors, power distribution, communication with investors and more detailed notes on the role of auditors.

13. Refers to the code of best practice, undated.

These look like notes to set out the key principles set out in the code of best practice.

14. Untitled [press briefing?], undated document about compliance with the Code of Best Practice.

The document lists 7 questions and answers about compliance with the Code of Best Practice.

16. Handwritten notes from meeting with Ernst & Young, no date.

Judged to be written by Sir Adrian Cadbury at meeting with Ernst & Young. Notes on Caparo case, various aspects of auditing, internal control systems and illegal acts.

17. Committee meeting, handwritten notes, undated.

Concentrates on the form of the report to be produced by the Committee. Includes notes headed Mike Sandland, ISC and Brandon Gough, Coopers & Lybrand.

18. Letters from three recipients of the [Cadbury] report.

Acknowledgement letters from Scottish Hydro-Electric, TSB Group and BET.

19. Handwritten notes, undated, headed 'Views'.

Contains notes that appear to be drawn from a variety of sources, e.g. Mercury Asset Management, Accountancy Age, Coopers & Lybrand, The Times (Graham Searjeant), CIMA, ICAS, FRAG.

20. What can American boards learn from the British?

This appears to be a typescript of an article that appeared in Directors & Boards, Spring 94, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p42-45, 3pp.

21. Untitled and undated, definitions of 'corporate governance' by Nigel Peace with a later note by Sir Adrian Cadbury.

Sets out a definition and the definition used in the final report. Note this occurs in the file BEFORE CAD-03233.

22. Letter, final draft, undated, from Richard Balarkas of City Group for Smaller Companies with comments on [draft] report.

The letter has attached detailed suggested refinements when the code is applied to smaller quoted companies.

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School consists of papers compiled and preserved by Sir Adrian Cadbury from his time as Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.

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